Patio and Driveway Specialist in Cardiff
29 Apr 2015

Have we called you back yet?

since we have arrived back of holiday we think we have returned all messages . But If we have missed you please call us again .02920307999 


10 Apr 2015

 Pattern drives to pattern wives 

congratulations to lee & amanda on the wedding day .& as a result pattern drives and staff are  on honeymoon until April 24th . If you need to contact Jason to discuss any work related issues  


 he’s availble through email or our Facebook page

02 Apr 2015

Unpredictable weather 

As the laying of the concrete & sealing need to be carried out in dry conditions we will not take chances .if the forecast predicts there might be a shower we will not lay .most prep work can be carried out in any conditions apart from heavy rain .